Thursday, 22 January 2009

Finding the Right Furnace Contractor in Salt Lake

By Kent Whipple

If you need repairs, maintenance or a new furnace altogether, one thing is for true-you want to find the right furnace company. If you've lived through the coldest winter nights in Utah, you definitely would appreciate your working furnace.

Your furnace labors continuously to keep you and your family warm during the long Utah winter months. What have you done in return? What should you be doing? Are there possibilities you could be saving money on your gas or electric bills? These are answers a qualified furnace contractor can give. But how do you find the right furnace company in Utah? Here are a few tips:

Look for longevity and a proven track record.

Ask the advice of-friends, relative's, real estate agents, local utility company, other contractors and neighbors. Word of mouth is the life blood of any small businesses.

Call references and ask them to confirm when they hired the contractor, if the contractor finished on time and within budget, if they would rate the company, also if they would use that company again.

Ask for proof of bonding and insurance, and any required contractor's licenses.

If you're buying a new furnace, make sure your furnace contractor does a load calculation, based on the size of your home and insulation. This will determine the size of furnace you need.

Ask if the contractor is up-to-date on green efficient furnaces as well as knowledgeable about ways to save energy with your current unit.

Find out about warranties on labor, parts and new furnaces. Choose a contractor who will personally service warranty issues rather than pass you on to the manufacturer.

One last tip-find a furnace company in Utah with a positive and friendly attitude. One who will come to your hose with a smile, even if it is a holiday, weekend or just a cold Salt Lake winter's night.

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