Friday, 23 January 2009

How did your home business do this year?

By John Wallen

Has the past year been a bust for you in your home business? Building a solid network isn't easy, but it is the back bone of your business. Well, you won't be the last to look back in tired disappointment. You've probably lost all your inspiration to keep going, and I understand. That's just the the way it is sometimes.

Before you officially lay your business to rest, I must tell you. I have a great hunch your business had nothing to do with your failure. And I know your not in the mood, but it was all you and nothing else. I know what your going to say. Your sponsor said this, your sponsor said that, And I agree your head is filled with those notions, but it was you and not your business.

We get brainwashed and hardwired about the way things should be done sometimes. We have this drive, but see no results from our actions. Then bam, we just throw in the towel one day, and maybe just chalk it up to a failing experience. Ya, that's it, that will work, live and learn.

Then that feeds our notions some more about staying away from certain things, when in all actuality we should be moving closer. But we are either to stubborn, or can't move past our comfort zone. And it all comes down to one thing; you can only blame yourself if you fail and give up.

Maybe it's time to sit back and take a little break from it all. It really is crazy to keep duplicating something that doesn't work. Clear your thoughts, have some fun, and get yourself back in spirit. You know, I'm willing to bet your up line isn't laughing all the way to the bank either. So take sometime and just recharge.

I know how it feels. My home business is rated one of the best in the industry, but no one seemed to care. I then realized it was not my business that was the problem, it was me. And I take full responsibility for all my past failures. So sit back and relax for a while.

When you get back to feeling energized, and all the negative vibes are gone. Think about this. I became successful almost overnight when I realized I can't sell a thing. I am not a salesman. So think about that, and maybe give your business another shot.>

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