Thursday, 22 January 2009

Concrete Polishing and High School

By Rick Amorey

Our High School's concrete floor was always polished and shiny, as I recall. It did not, however, look special at all, for there were also cracks here and there that indicated a lot of imperfections. No one really took notice, and that's why Concrete Polishing wasn't originally what I had in mind for our home. I did not want the centerpiece of the house to remind me of High School's mundane floor.

But now, roughly a decade later, I seriously considered concrete polishing for our home. Until recently, the house had distasteful, artificial wooden tiles. I never liked them, and they were mostly broken anyway, so I decided to remove all the tiles. Lo and behold, save for the adhesive used to attach the tiles in the first place, the concrete below was undamaged (in my eyes, at least).

Polishing the concrete seemed to be the best course of action, but I did not want to end up with flooring similar to what we had back in High School.

And as I seemed to know very little about how to actually go about doing it, I went to a Concrete Polishing website and asked around.

The people in the forums were very friendly, and I found a contractor in my area soon enough. After talking for a bit, he decided to inspect the concrete floor in my home. My concerns, apparently, had something to do with the quality of the concrete before polishing. If the concrete needed a lot of patchwork, or if the finish was wavy, then he'd have to add a new layer before polishing. Luckily, and his trained eye detected little imperfections. Nothing he couldn't fix at any rate.

As it turned out, my High School could have had a glamorous polished, concrete floor, but they weren't able to achieve that. Perhaps its time to revisit the the school, see some old teachers, and recommend my contractor to them.

I hope it works out for the school, in the same way that Concrete Polishing worked well for my house. Concrete Polishing, done right, is unlike any other flooring ever.

About the Author:

Rick Amorey met his contractor at Concrete Polishing. Concrete Polishing is a community of people dedicated to the craft of providing quality, concrete floors.


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