Friday, 14 November 2008

Research: Suicide its determine since they born

clip_image002Believe it or not, the actions someone to suicide has been determined when the newborn baby was born first. This is revealed in the results of research conducted by a team from the Swedish leader Dr. Danuta Wasserman, which conducts research on 700,000 teenagers. From the results of the research Dr. Danuta Wasserman is known that the weight of a baby being born result of suicide risk. Babies that born under the average weight have twice the risk higher for suicide compared with infants born to normal. That risk will be even higher if the mother still teenagers.

Results from the research is a `researchers from the National Center for Suicide Research and Prevention` (Stockholm) is published by The Lancet medical journal, according Dr. Danuta Wasserman, genetic factors, impersonating an important position in this case suicide.

Research conducted with the data from all infants born between 1973 and 1980 with a view trends suicide action that occurred in the age of 10 years to 26 years old. Overall, the suicide action that occurred in Sweden in 1999 ranged from 20 to 100.00 each population. According to research, babies have been born the weight of 2 kg will be less exposed to risk two times higher compared to suicide with a baby who was born normal 3:25 kg - 3.75 kg.


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