Saturday, 15 November 2008

I Pod can make your ear Buzz

Music is one way to wake the spirit, to create happy life, but what happens if the music makes the ears buzz? of course, not the music that makes the ear 'buzzy', but the behavior of listen to the music that will crclip_image002eate a hearing is not so sharp anymore.

Researchers in Australia found about a quarter of users iPods hearing loss. iPods Mania or portable music users often have risk to increase buzz ears (tinnitus) or other hearing problems, the trend is more iPods users found on the frantic play the volume of iPods it.

National Acoustic Laboratories in Sydney ask the respondents to listen to music with a volume comparable to the motor motorized device (i.e: drill machine). The researchers found that the level of buzz (tinnitus) will be increased because the hearing cannot be normal again because cannot adopting the habit of normal hearing.

Research record about 25 percent of the respondents tend to listen to iPods or other portable music in the capacity of 'noisy' noise level comparable with the sound of cutlery on the grass and motor devices plant, with an average intensity over the 85 Decibels. In the normal size, people with normal hearing audiogram is located between 0 to 20 Decibels, more than 30 Decibels with up to 100 decibels means that there is hearing loss.

Enjoy the music , attending dance, working in factories, listen to music while driving or just listen to the music room, anything ear loop condition if the case is included in the category of 'noise', said Professor Harvey Dillon, the researcher. "It would be better if you listen to music in the normal frequency, this disruption may not appear in the near future, but not close the possibility of triggering a more severe disruption several years.


m dimas abdul aziz c said...

is that true? awesome! i didn't know that...

GREENY said...

yes, it is true

Hack Yous securityand your Blog said...

yeah. music is one of happines to creat the good feels. But with the ipod it make our easr buzz..
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