Friday, 14 November 2008

Beyonce Will never sell her Wedding Photo

clip_image002Beyonce said, she will never consider to sells her wedding photo with Jay-Z to a celebrity magazine that offering a large amount of money as rewards, even she wonder with the amount of money that offered to her. "Now, they offer insane amount of money, the incompetent," said Beyonce while laughing, in an interview recently. "But, ultimately, of course not, not worth it. If anything, if you want to publicize something, not because of money," she said.

Beyonce and Jay-Z married in this April the ceremony at “intimate atmosphere” in New York City. "We try very hard to keep the privacy of ceremony" said Beyonce again. "I always like this before, and he also. That's what makes us complete one with the other, we always know that wedding will be closed on the right reasons," joining Beyonce, who will release the new album, I am Fierce Sasha, on 18 November 2008.
Well, married is a privacy from someone, but as a celebrity, off course the public interested and want to know about their wedding, the party, more over celebrity wedding usually becomes trend setter for some people, celebrities always be big attractor point for gossip, and gossip magazine will sent their paparazzi to get the news from them.


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