Thursday, 13 November 2008

Obama will change Bush Policy

clip_image002U.S. President Barack Obama will change several numbers of controversial policies by President George W. Bush, including the restriction of the parent embryo cell research, according to the Obama leader team, John Podesta, Obama is expected to using the executive authority to change the Bush policy that limits the type of parent embryo cell research, for supporting people who suffer a number of diseases - including diabetes, Parkinson marrow and spinal injuries.

Other controversial news that Obama will change Bush policy related abortion and family planning. Some officials policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the U.S. and family planning groups like Planned Parenthood say they hope that Obama will change the policy "Mexico City", that have been organized by the government of Ronald Reagan.
The policy prevents taxpayer funding groups that perform or encourage abortion abroad. Former president Bill Clinton revokes the order when it true position, but its successor, Bush, using it back.
Government Obama also can change the policies of the Bush government funding organization;
Podesta said his team also commands that Bush revoke restrictions on oil drilling in the fragile federal land in Utah. Various environmental groups for making Bush in November when it was open land for exploration, and the team Obama mention the decision is a "mistake". Obama also plan to close the Guantanamo Bay prison.


hendrie k_bejo said...

Wei mang Obama kapan neh datang ke Indon, jgn2 ntar ditolak lg kayak Miyabi !!

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