Wednesday, 12 November 2008

MGestyk, Computer without keyboard and Mouse


Perhaps in the near future, you must prepare a place to put your keyboard and mouse in the warehouse, because those devices not needed anymore. MGestyk is the application / software plus a 3D camera that allows us to run various applications on the computer without a mouse and keyboards, this application is utilizing the movement of the hands and translating it into commands to control the applications that exist.

We can use this Mgestyk for various kinds such as playing solitaire, game, see the Google Earth, Internet browsing, moved the family to the windows in the monitor 2 shows in the movie.

This technology itself does not need to use additional equipment such as gloves and other special or even not need to touch the screen at all.

Mgestyk also support the using technology "3D data", the movement that we do will not interfere, although there are people running in the background and we also do not light the lamp light, also will not disrupt. Currently Mgestyk only can be used in the computer operating system (OS) based Windows XP and Vista but the development said in the near future can also be used in other OS, but maybe the problem now is about the price, this super computer can be cheap about in next 5 years, so you can buy it, no need keyboard and no need mouse, cool isn’t?


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