Friday, 30 January 2009

Show Me How To Find Free Police Records

By Jed Elaine

Simplistically speaking, arrests are made to impose immediate containment of a suspected unlawful act. It prevents the arrestee from furthering the violation that constitutes the grounds of arrest. He or she is then held in custody until the next course of action by the authorities. The majority of arrests are made by the Police although other government agencies are also authorized to, and do make arrests.

After an arrest has been completed, a police report is put up by the arresting agency to document the incident. It is then submitted to the Case Intake Prosecutor assigned to it for further action. The report basically recites the entire event of the arrest furnished with all the pertinent details where possible such as the personal particulars of the arrestee, the time and place of the incident, case number and type, grounds of arrest, witnesses names and addresses and even environmental conditions such as weather.

Although there may be restrictions on the accessibility and use of Public Police Arrest Records under exceptional circumstances, they are Public Records nevertheless. As such, they are mandated by law to be made available to anyone who may wish to retrieve them and can be requested directly from the local Police Department where the subject resides or at any of the public offices assigned with the function.

The information contained in Public Police Records includes personal particulars of the subject, details of the criminal violation like date, place, offense type, photographs, conviction and arresting agency. If there were multiple convictions, each and every one of them will be produced as long as they were documented within the same state jurisdiction. Related information from other record categories may also show up.

It is not widely known, but a Public Police Report check can be conducted without the involvement of the Police. To be sure, the Police are the de facto government agency that the public turn to for this purpose. They are after all the fundamental source of such information. That being said, Police Records can be retrieved through other state agencies as well or even be purchased from commercial record providers.

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