Saturday, 31 January 2009

Edible Wedding Favors - Coffee, Tea & Chocolate Wedding Favors

By Aaron H.

Giving wedding favors as "Thank you" gifts for the guests at a wedding has become a tradition in recent years. These small, inexpensive items deliver the message of thanks much better than sending out "Thank you" cards. Couples want to impress their guests with their good taste. Coffee and tea favors taste good as well as being in good taste.

Coffee and tea favors generally consist of a coffee mug with a selection of coffees, teas, or a mix of the tea included inside. Almost everyone drinks coffee or tea in one form or another, making these favors a type that will be greatly appreciated by all of the guests. It is possible to choose the flavors of coffee or tea in most of these favor items, so matching them to the guests' preferences should be fairly easy. Another advantage of giving coffee and tea favors is the fact that many suppliers allow personalization of the items by adding the names of the couple and the wedding date to either the cup or the coffee/tea envelopes. Personalization makes certain that the recipients will think about this wedding and the good time they had attending it whenever they drink the coffee or tea. Even people who do not use either substance will appreciate the mug and will think of the couple whenever they use it.

Chocolates are another tasty treat that make good wedding favors. Chocolate wedding favors can be different items, including cookies, cakes, sweet chocolate candies, or even hot cocoa packets. Almost everyone can appreciate fine chocolate treats and those who do not usually have a reason, such as a food allergy, that the couple will be aware of and able to substitute something else for those individuals. The hot cocoa could even be added to the coffee and tea favors discussed above.

Most chocolate wedding favors are pieces or bars of chocolate that can be easily personalized. All food products must have a wrapper, and it is possible to have wrappers printed with the names of the couple and the wedding date for use on larger items or an initial on wrappers for smaller, bite sized pieces without adding a significant amount to the price. Personalization will make these tidbits more valuable as those who receive them recall the wedding and the happiness felt on this day as they consume the chocolate.

All couples have a strong desire to give out wedding favors that their guests will find in good taste. With coffee and tea favors or chocolate wedding favors, these items are not only in good taste, but taste good as well. About the Author:
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