Monday, 26 January 2009

Profitable Internet Email Marketing

By Jeff Dedrick
I've found that one of the best mediums for marketing any business is internet email marketing. By using email as your medium of promotion you are almost guaranteeing your message will be read by thousands if not millions of people depending on the size of your email list. This form of promotion has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, but with it, came with the need to implement rules and regulations to govern it.

When starting an internet email marketing campaign, it's important that your list is indeed targeted and 100% opt in. An opt in list is simply a mailing list where every person on the list has specifically requested to be on the list. It means that they have visited your site or a site you are affiliated with, and manually entered their information, which in turn gives you permission to email them with the information they requested.

When operating an email campaign, you need to abide by all the applicable laws. Do not take any shortcuts, or break any rules. You'll have the peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything exactly as outlined in the regulations, therefore you can go about promoting your business ethically and without any legal implication. Many people overlook this aspect and turn to spamming to earn a quick buck, but it can lead to many legal complications that you surely don't need.

Starting out with internet email marketing may require some upfront capital. It's not always the most affordable way to get started, but if done right, it will indeed be very profitable. In fact, it can be a lot more profitable than other mediums of promotion. As you market through email, your message is delivered into the inbox of your prospect. With a good offer, you can achieve a great return on your investment.
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