Monday, 26 January 2009

Entertaining outdoors this summer? Order a Party Tent

By Andy Mason
If you are arranging an event that is going to be taking place outdoors then you need to arrange some sort of accommodation that guests can go into if the weather turns bad. As you will soon find when it comes to party tents there are many different shapes, sizes and styles that companies can hire to you.

When hiring party tents the first decision that you will have to make before anything else is what type of one you would like for your event. There are two different types of party tents that one can now use. The first is the more traditional style one which is constructed from canvas and to keep it up and in position poles and guy ropes are used.

The other choice you have and which is also much easier to erect is the aluminium framed type of party tent. Not only are these easy to erect but don't require guy ropes or poles to keep them up or in place. They can also be situated on any kind of surface and if need to can be erected close to other structures. Also unlike the traditional type of party tents these ones are very stable and can cover a very large area.

Another thing about using the aluminium framed party tents is that decorating them is a lot simpler and quicker to achieve. The roof is pitched so installing the right sort of lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for your event is much easier as well.

In most cases aluminium framed party tents are covered with polyester rather than canvas as you will find with traditional style tents. This material as well as being durable is much softer to the touch and more pliable, but will still offer a high level of protection to those inside from the weather.

Whether you decide to hire a traditional type of party tent or aluminium framed one you need to make sure that you put it in the right position. Ideally the surface on to which the tent is to be erected should be flat and even and be within easy reach of any essential services such as water and power supplies. If you keep such factors in mind then you will find it much easier to stay within the confines of the budget that has been set for your event.

Another thing you need to be taking into consideration before hiring party tents is what size you require. If you need a large one then you will need plenty of space on which it can be erected. Also the larger the tent then the more time will be required by the hire company to erect and decorate it and then to take it down after the event has finished.

Today more and more people when holding a large event are considering using party tents to hold them in as they tend to cost far less than saying hiring a room in a hotel would. But if you are considering hiring such tents then you should spend time doing some research to find out what different services hire companies of these structures offer before you make your final decision.

About the Author:
As one can see there are a wide range of uses for party tents and they can be a wonderful feature in oner garden for those summer nights - just in case there is a bit of rain! If one are looking for something a bit bigger, a marquee may be more suitable.


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