Saturday, 6 December 2008

The New Wave in Party Hosting- Murder Mysteries

By Carol Ann

Having a murder mystery may sound like a good idea, but sometimes getting started can be half the battle. Sure you know who you will invite and now you have a theme, but making it come together can get a bit more tricky. Planning is truly the key to pulling off this type of party, and you will find that the more planning you do, the better the party will come off.

Locating a good murder mystery game is the first thing to do. You can find them online, but be sure to read through the whole thing. Upon inviting your guests, let them know what the theme is and the exacts on date and time. Hold off assigning you characters until you have a solid RSVP list.

You can opt to decorate the venue to suit the theme of the murder mystery or not. It can be more work, but can create the perfect setting for a great party. The food should be simple; finger foods work best for this type of party because this way people can move around and mingle. You can also opt to have each person bring a dish. This can alleviate some of the stress of hosting the party.

At about two weeks before the party, start putting together the character envelopes and assigning the characters. Go in to as much detail as you can to allow your guests to fully dress and prepare for the part.

Finally, you should decorate and get everything in place. When it comes time for your guests to arrive, you should be able to just relax and enjoy yourself. All of your planning will have served you well.

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