Saturday, 6 December 2008

Brand New Search Engine In Town.

By Tyler JL Neill

Searching for something on the internet, is very easy to do so nowadays, with powerfull new search engines, like You can find almost anything about anything these days. Just enter what it is you are searching for, hit go, and a world of information is opened to you.

You can search for anything you can imagine, from the latest film releases, to the cheapest place to buy shoes for example. You just simply enter your keyword to search for, hit the start button and the results are almost instant. Search engines make it very easy to find information on whatever it is your searching for.

Each search engine uses a Proprietary algorithm to create certain indices such that only those results which are meaningful are returned for each query. The search engines such as offers you an extensive search for the desired topic, be it images, audio, news, sports or even any dictionary search or a type of a blog. It is user friendly, easy to manage and gets quick and refined results.

Search engines have they're own way of finding results. It is all based around search algorithms, and of course each search engine also has they're own set of rules surrounding this. So how does a search engine find what it is your looking for? They search for information containing your keyword, and this keyword could be in the title of the webpage, or in the first few lines of the actual webpage.

When a search engine returns it results, there may be thousands or even millions of webpages that contain what it is that you were searching for. So how does a search engine know which results to show you? Yhey return results based on a webpages ranking, keywords in the title and webpages that have the keyword your searching for in the first part of the body of the page.

When we use a search engine like duoseek, we never once stop to think of how a search engine makes its revenue. Many search engines have google adsense as a source of revenue, but the big money comes from people like you and I, or business advertisers, who are will to spend, and spend alot, to have they're add or link on the search engine website, or in the search results.

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