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Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids

It is estimated that a shocking 35% of all pregnant women are affected in some way by hemorrhoids. Hormonal changes and changes to the female body and weight place additional pressure on the veins in and around the anus which leads to this high incident rate.

Hemorrhoids are caused when veins in the rectal area become enlarged and inflamed. This causes the common symptoms of hemorrhoids which include itching, bleeding, burning, and painful swellings. The first sign of a hemorrhoid is often through seeing blood or experiencing a lot of pain when passing a stool. Anal bleeding is not only caused by hemorrhoids however, if you are in doubt you should see a doctor. Hemorrhoids can be easily treated in the early stages, but if given the chance to develop they can become quite complicated, resulting in severe hemorrhoids such as prolapsed and thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Hemorrhoid surgery, using topical creams, gels, and lotions, and using natural hemorrhoid cures are the most common forms of hemorrhoid treatment. Surgery is usually used only in extremely severe cases after other treatments have failed. Surgery can be expensive and very painful. Creams and lotions can work well to reduce pain and swelling caused by hemorrhoids but are generally only a temporary solution. Some creams have nasty side effects such as increasing burning sensations. Natural hemorrhoid cures and treatment plans can be very effective when used correctly as I will now explain.

Natural hemorrhoid cures like H Miracle offer quick and effective hemorrhoid treatment. They also work very well to reduce pain and irritation as well as swelling and bleeding. One of the biggest differences between natural hemorrhoid cures and using creams is that natural hemorrhoid cures have no harmful side effects. The other major difference is that while creams, lotions, gels and ointments focus on treating the hemorrhoids symptoms, natural hemorrhoid cures focus on repairing and strengthening the weaknesses that led to hemorrhoid in the first place.

Along with using a natural hemorrhoid cure, if you add more fiber to your diet you will cure yourself even more quickly. Fiber is extremely useful in the treatment process as it softens stools allowing them to pass through the bowels much more naturally (without pain and irritation).

When you increase your fiber intake, you need to increase your water intake as well in order to stay hydrated and to keep your stools moist. Daily exercise is the other small thing you can do to help fight of the hemorrhoids. Exercise helps keep bowel movements regular.

Make sure you take immediate action to cure hemorrhoids the moment you notice you have them doing this will save you so much pain and suffering. Hemorrhoids wont go away by themselves without your intervention. Early diagnosis and treatment can save you a lot of additional complications.

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