Thursday, 9 July 2009

Common Sense Motor Scooters Safety Tips

Motor scooters are becoming very popular especially among the youth market looking for a quick, cheap form of transportation. They are often used for traveling short distances around the neighborhood to perform errands. Due to their size, fuel-efficiency, weight, and typically larger storage room than a motorcycle, they are ideal in this situation.

Many teenagers love their 50cc scooter for many reasons. Besides being very easy to ride, fuel-efficient, and perfect for doing short errand around town, teenagers like them because some states require no drivers license to operate them. This could be a problem if the driver has no previous driving experience and fail to follow common sense safely rules.

Common Sense Motor Scooter Safety Tips

1) Wear Safety Gear

Even though it might not be required by law, the helmet is very important part of your safety gear. 40% of all fatal head injuries could have been avoided by just wearing a helmet.

2) Do Not Avoid Getting Proper Training

Before riding in busy or difficult areas, practice riding in a variety of road and weather conditions. Even if you do not need a license, kids need to gain experience before attempting to ride their scooters out in traffic. With a little training and common sense, riding your moped would be enjoyable without the risk of injury.

3) Be Careful Of Certain Road Conditions and Watch For Debris

Poor road conditions may cause the scooter to slide quickly and unexpectively. Therefore, stay away from puddles, shiny surfaces, and loose gravel on the road. Also, avoid heavy fast-moving traffic as much as possible.

4) Watch For Vehicles Following You Too Closely.

Moped scooters can stop much more quickly than automobiles. When you stop quickly in front of a car that is following too close, you will be run over. Because scooters typically travel slower than cars, car drivers may tailgate you. Give the car drivers plenty of time when you plan to turn, use both hand and electric signal.

5) Make Yourself Visible

Assume other drivers do not see you. A safe approach for a moped scooter driver is to wear bright colored clothing, always have your lights on, and use your turn signals. The excuse car drivers who have hit a motor scooter rider is that they did not see the person.

6) Be Knowledgeable and Follow Safety Laws of the Road

Being safe includes not making risky or unnecessary maneuvers in traffic and staying alert at all times. Having a defensive riding attitude will prevent many accidents and enhance your motor scooter experience.

7) Avoid Carrying Other Passengers

Passengers change the way you operate your vehicle. If you are inexperienced in transporting a passenger, you may have extra difficulties with balance and control of your vehicle.

Owning a motor scooter has many advantages, but it is only a wise investment if you following the safety tips. Enrolling in a scooter safely course will enhance your smart decision and ensure your moped scooter experience to be fantastic.


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