Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Make Your Master Bedroom Right For You

By Martina Hanson

Before decorating your master bedroom, spare a few minutes to go through the list of ideas below. These decorating essentials will help you achieve the look you want for your master bedroom.

Decorating is all about knowing who you are and what you want. If you're crazy about romantic settings, transforming your bedroom into a cozy and inviting space can be done with the right colors and accents. And so is decorating your bedroom with the rural feel if you like the countryside, or the laidback feel of a beach house.

Color is a key element in changing your bedroom. More than just picking a favorite color, it should also be a color that meets your desired feel or look. For example, if you like the serenity of living by the sea, your fondness for red or orange won't do. What works are shades of blue or green. If you like to feel energized first thing in the morning, colors that are similarly perky like yellows and pinks can help you. If you can't decide with the color, you can go for neutral tones and just make use of colors in your fabrics and other decors.

You don't have to use colors only for the walls or the furniture. You can do too for the window treatment, beddings, area rug and pillow covers.

Storage is important in the master bedroom because this is where we keep most of our things. Make your bedroom as neat and orderly. The less clutter, the better. I'm not so much into clothes so I don't really need a walk-in closet. But I do have lots of drawers and decorative boxes for storing souvenir items and mostly presents that I use as displays. Because I'm not a big decorator, I choose a few to place on top of the dresser and on the bedside tables, then just change them every once in a while so all get equal exposure.

If you're sharing the master bedroom with a partner, don't monopolize just because you did the decorating. Now now, don't be selfish. Incorporate his things and favorites too, as well as items you both share.

If you share your master suite with a loved one consider placing items that remind you of fun times you had together in your room. It could be a photograph of your wedding day or a memento from your first date. Think of the things that reflect who you are as individuals, as well as a couple. Remember to make your master bedroom a place that you will enjoy for years to come.

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