Friday, 29 May 2009

How Do You Know If You Have Diabetes

By Pat Miller

Diabetes is a disease which prevents insulin from being used properly in the body of an otherwise healthy adult or child. Insulin is a critical chemical in the body which helps turn sugar and starches into energy the human body can use. When a person has diabetes his or her body has a difficult time producing enough insulin. The symptoms of diabetes can be nearly unnoticeable at first.

Health professionals estimate that there are nearly 7 million people in the United States alone that have an undiagnosed case of diabetes. Diabetes can only be treated with a proper diagnosis and understanding of the type of diabetes a person suffers from. Diabetes is treatable, but without a proper diagnosis it can be deadly. Here are some common symptoms to look for if you think you may have diabetes:

Extreme hunger and thirst: Since insulin controls how your body digests food, your body, and especially your kidneys, may start working overtime if it doesn't have enough insulin. Since your body isn't getting the full effect of the food you're digesting, your body may feel as though it needs more. Since your kidneys are working hard and trying to eliminate extra sugar through urination, you're losing a lot of liquid and may feel as though you have to keep drinking to replenish your body's water.

Excessive urination: This is sometimes more difficult to notice because different people do urinate at different rates. The increased thirst of diabetes often leads to increased liquid intake which obviously means more urination. Adults who wet the bed at night unexpectedly could actually be suffering from a form of diabetes and not even realize it.

Increased fatigue: There are a number of reasons you may feel unusually fatigued, but the extra work your body is spending just to process sugar may be one of them. Your body also is not able to get as much energy from sugar and starches, so it may feel as though you're always run down simply because you are!

Diabetes is a treatable but serious disease which can worsen if left undiagnosed and untreated. There are many subtle symptoms of diabetes, and this list is just a small sampling of what you may feel or experience if you have the disease. Talking to a qualified medical professional is always the best course of action if you are not feeling well.

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