Friday, 17 April 2009

5 Deadly Hairs Sins That Will Destroy Your Hair

By Marc Marseille

Why does your new fresh hairstyle seems to only last few days? The compliments are so great in the beginning but they never seem to last. A few day later it seems like you never even went to the salon.

Well, I am sorry to report that the cause of your hair issue is probably you. There are several things to avoid in order to maintain your hair. The ability to take care of your hair properly plays an important part in getting your fresh look to last longer.

If you are serious about the maintenance of your hair, there are few no-nose that you have to avoid.

Deadly Hair Sin #1:

A common mistake is using too much conditioner when treating your hair. This mistake can be responsible for making your hair way too soft and unmanageable.

Deadly Hair Sin #2:

Try to avoid using too many different products on you hair at one time. You are better off using no more than 3 different products. Using more than 3 products will expose your hair to too many different chemicals that might end up clashing and damaging the hair.

Deadly Hair Sin #3:

Not using enough conditioner is almost as bad as using too much. When you fail to apply the correct amount of conditioner the results will make your hair frizzy.

Deadly Hair Sin #4:

You must make sure that your rinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing. This deadly hair may seem rather simple but if it is overlooked, it will also cause your be damaged. Forgetting to rinse your hair properly will leave your hair feeling greasy.

Deadly Hair Sin #5:

Do not overuse hair styling tools such as blow dryers, curling irons, and hot combs. When you use these tools more than 3 times a week it will cause considerable damage.

Trying to maintain your hair while juggling several other tasks can be a challenge, but the inability to find the time to tend to your hair, may leave your feeling frustrated. Avoiding these simple mistakes can go a long way to keeping your looking fresh longer.

About the Author:
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