Monday, 2 March 2009

Your Face a Sensitive Place

By Bart Icles

Knowing the proper care of your face is often not only forgotten but not even known. Many of us have no idea what will help and hurt the skin on our faces. We simply hope every morning when we wake up that it will be clear and beautiful. If we want that dream to be a reality we have to put some effort in on our side. Knowing the basics of skin care can mean a whole new look for your face.

Improving the health of your face isn't like changing your clothes, rather its more like process that will take time and continual effort but will bring great results. It takes patience and knowledge. Your face is a sensitive place because the skin is sensitive. Use these tips to help improve the health of your skin over the upcoming weeks.

First- Never pop your pimples.- Its true pimples are ugly and uncomfortable but that doesn't mean you should pop them. When you pop a pimple you run the high risk of spreading that infection somewhere else. You may think you are solving the problem but the truth is you are only causing more problems for you in the future. When that infection spreads it causes more pimples and more problems. The popping of a pimple often leads to more then one extra pimple later.

This tip is for girls. Don't pile on the makeup, use as little as possible to achieve the look you want. The less the better because then the less that is clogging up you skins pores. Also along those same lines, remove your makeup before you go to sleep. This helps slow the effects of aging an cleans out your pores before you rest. Keep a close eye on your makeup, most people don't know it can go bad. If it smells at all or looks different from when you first bought it throw it away. This makeup has gone bad and can be harmful for your skin.

Skin care is a daily battle that is worth fighting because your skin is your most visible feature. Take the time to learn what you are suppose to do and how and then take the time each day to do it. There is no holy grail to healthy skin, you have to have healthy habits and let time give you the reward for your labors. Skin care is an essential part of every night time routine.

About the Author:
Obagi skin Care is a professional product that helps you give your skin the top care that it needs. Also Eminence skincare is another brand that may work for your skin. Take the time to do the research and find the top skin care you can.


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