Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Serious Entrepreneurs Dodge New Years Resolutions

By Art Barron

Serious entrepreneurs who have not made New Year's resolutions are likely to be as scarce as hen's teeth.

Check out the latest stats - 30% of all New Year's resolutions are broken within the first week. Not too promising, is it?

Serious entrepreneurs are optimists who sit up till the clock strikes twelve, so that they can see that precious hour face to face and make New Year's resolutions.

So, being the optimist, I contemplated some resolutions I could make for 2009 learn to dance like the stars or audition for American Idol? No way! Give up smoking? I enjoy my occasional cigar too much. Golf more? Now we're talking. Take my business to the next level? Absolutely!

Eventually though, I did do something solid. That was doing an internet marketing course. It was a 90 Day Challenge course, and meant for serious entrepreneurs. The course was worth it for it made an overall change in my very outlook and focus on things. The resolve was not for a week but for three whole months, and the goals were concrete.

1. Leverage my time and money. After experiencing tremendous growth this year, of which I'm very grateful, there's no better time to hire some help than now. With the economy in the worst slump in decades, people are desperate for work. There are talented people waiting to be discovered. So I'm investing my money in people instead of "stuff."

2. Mastery over the social media. Absolute control over the social media is imperative for succeeding in internet marketing. Network marketing is a discipline that requires a lot of grit, drive, and determination. To succeed there, an ever widening social circle, and bonding with potential customers are of absolute importance. Paid Per Click ads do help, but you cannot rely on that alone completely.

Web 2.0 technology should be perfectly leveraged to benefit from the opportunities for social networking that it offers. And Twitter is also equally powerful. Ultimately it is the social media which hold the key to success in network marketing.

3. What's Working - What's Missing - What's Next?? Constant evaluation of what is producing results and then processing that feedback is vital. If something isn't working, I need to make note of it and move on. There is something to be said for letting yourself "fail quickly" - this concept is really the key to success. As a serious entrepreneur, I need to continually remind myself and my team of what is working, fix what's not, and to forget about the rest!

Asking "what's next" will help you come up with new ideas, new niches, and new opportunities to make more money online!

Recessions may come and go. But a new year has to be welcomed with cheer, and goals have to be set even in 2009.

Fear is an emotional response, only good for short-term survival. When you're in "fight or flight" mode, you're not thinking clearly about the path you're running... You're just RUNNING! So your efforts lack strategy, planning, and insight.

With the type of increase in online sales that is predicted, recession does not appear to be impacting internet marketing in any big way. Online trading is believed to increase by 14%.

Consumers will be spending more time at home, using their computers for everything from bargain hunting and product research to upgrading skills. And studies show this shift is ALREADY well underway.

Recession is not a battering ram that is going to break down the castle walls of internet marketing in 2009. Serious entrepreneurs should know it and move forward.

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