Monday, 2 March 2009

Female Foot Tattoos

By Sara Smith

Are you looking for a sexy and cute female tattoo design for a women? Tired of the lower back tattoo designs that have been so over done? If you are thinking that you want to get a sexy and cute tattoo designs and really just don't want to do the lower back tattoo design thing like everyone else then you should check out the possibility of a foot tattoo design. These are beautiful designs and are often really unique and beautiful. This article will help you learn more about t the potential pain of a foot tattoo, some design ideas that can work well, and where and how to find a good tattoo artist to complete the work.

Pain Of A Foot Tattoo In terms of tattoo and tattoo pain it is a very subjective matter and one that is open to different interpretation. See everyone has a different tolerance for pain and therefore each persons experience of pain is different. So how much a certain tattoo will hurt for you is different hen another person. Generally speaking though any place that has a lot of fat or muscle between the skin and the bone Is going to be less painful then a place where the skin and bone are close to each other. So with that logic a foot tattoo is going to be more painful then some of the other tattoo locations out there. However, they are so great looking it is worth the pain. If you are worried about the pain level and not sure if you can handle it then you might want to get a small tattoo design first and get used to the experience.

Popular Foot Tattoo Designs There of course tons of great tattoo designs for the foot. Women can choose from a wide variety of possible designs and themes for their tattoo. One thing you will want to consider is the size and intricacy of the tattoo. Ideally you will want something that is not to intricate nor to big. This way the design will translate to the space and size restriction of the foot well. each person of course should pick a design that is special and meaningful to them. However, the following three are the most popular designs and a good starting place for gather ideas.

Flower Tattoos One great source for female foot tattoos are flowers. They fit perfectly onto the top of the foot and can be done in a wide variety of styles, and colors. They are also highly symbolic and therefore can be fully of symbolism and meaning.

Fairy Foot Tattoos: fairy tattoos are the perfect design for a foot tattoo. Fairies fit well into the size and shape of the top of your foot and they can be done in a variety of different styles and with different expressions.

Stars: Stars make another great subject for a tattoo in this location. It could be anything from a shooting star to a nautical star tattoo design. What you choose is again up to you and what you want to express about yourself with the tattoo design.

Finding An Artist It is important to shop around and find a good tattoo artist that you can trust and feel comfortable with. Don't just get stuck going with someone because you are in a hurry. Instead take your time and look for a tattoo artist early and often. Once you connect with someone you know they will do a great job on your tattoo and they are someone you can talk to about design considerations and ideas for your tattoo.


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