Sunday, 15 March 2009

Detecting Fraud On The Web When Getting Health Insurance

By Jordan FeRoss

Fraud has increasing become an issue of concern for most people, but they usually think of credit card fraud or identity fraud and few people realize the growing problem with health insurance fraud. Sadly, you have to be on the lookout for fraud whenever you deal with giving people your personal information, like buying health insurance in Texas over the internet. It is vital that you use common sense whenever you make a purchase online and especially one that involves divulging a lot of personal information.

It is all too easy for anybody to set up a reputable looking insurance website on the internet and con you into giving them your personal information and your money. If you are shopping online for health insurance in Texas, you must keep this in mind and keep your wits about you. Remember the old adage that says, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" and this is true with health insurance as well.

Here are some different ways to detect fraud when looking to get health insurance in Texas. One trick to look for is what is called a "pyramid" scheme. It works when you sign up to pay a membership fee online in order to get health insurance. The scheme offers people financial perks if they agree to this and invest their money. They also try to encourage you to get more people involved to do the same thing.

The only way to make your money back is to sell these same valueless memberships to other unsuspecting people. Health insurance in Texas is a big industry and there are plenty of unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of others in order to make a quick buck.

Another scheme is when you encounter a website that claims to be selling health insurance in Texas. They entice you by promising low rates on your health insurance. Later on, you find out that it's not a real insurance company and the health insurance policy is null and void.

The most savvy and bold scammers go for the big guns by targeting the agents and companies who provide health insurance in Texas directly. Because of this, it can be challenging to know who trust and where to shop for your insurance, especially online. But, if you investigate the sites a bit, you will learn to tell the difference between the scams and the legitimate sites.

One of the biggest frauds regarding getting health insurance in Texas is about selling insurance when an agent isn't authorized to do so. According to state law, the insurance company and the agent must have a valid license to sell health insurance in Texas. If it's found out that they are not licensed, they cannot legally sell anyone any type of insurance in the state. Not only that, your insurance claims may not be paid and you would be duped out of money that you paid on health insurance premiums. If you suspect fraud or scams while looking to get health insurance, then report it to your local or state fraud agency.

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