Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What you need to know about Search Engine Submission

By Terry Stanfield

If your website has not been indexed by the search engines you will not come up in the search results. When you search the "web" using Google, Yahoo or MSN's search tools, you're not searching the Internet you are searching the search engines databases.

When a site is submitted to the search engines, the search engines uses software called "spiders" to crawl the pages of your website through your internal site navigation and captures vital information about each page and in puts it into their database.

The information captured include Meta tags, content, H1 tags, Alt tags, sites that you link to and sites that links back to your site. The Meta tags are at the top of your web page in the code. They are in what is called the header. The Meta tags are very important to the search engines because they tell them what is on the page.

Along with the H1 tags Alt tags and the content in the body of the text on the web page this gives the search engines the information they need to index or put into their database your web page. It is very important that your Meta tags are specific to each page of your site. Do not just copy and paste the same Meta tags to every page on your website. There's a big explanation from that old and that later. There are several ways to get web pages into the search engines a database (indexed).

Submit your site to the different search engines. There are a lot of sites, for small fee, that will take your indexed pager homepage and submit it to hundreds or thousands of search engines over and over every month for the rest of your life. Run don't walk away from the sites. If you keep trying to submit your site, especially to Google, Yahoo and MSN, this may appear to them as spam. Spammy is bad! I suggest that you do not even register with Google, yahoo or MSN unless you have 6 to 9 weeks to sit around and wait for your website to be indexed.

In part II, we will reveal the secrets of getting fast, safe submissions.

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