Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Increase Your PPC Profits Easily

By MLM Absolute
When you first start your Pay Per Click campaign, in order to do it right and effective, you must start know and understand your goals and aim with your PPC campaign. I know this may sound very "elementary", but you have to identify exactly your goals if you want to ensure proper PPC campaign management.

Some of the normal goals of PPC campaigns are; to collect leads, sell product or services, or increase traffic. You need to know your goals in order to manage your PPC campaign.

1. The first and most important question to ask yourself to management your PPC campaign well is to know how much you can spend or able to afford. A good starting step is to do testing and try making a few sales, and then you will be able to determine a more accurate conversion rate.

Well, so if you actually calculate, and if say the stats shows that it a 2% conversion rate on your $30 product, then you will be able to know that you will still make a $10 profit by just spending 50 cents per click. But of course you would stilll want to reduce the cost of PPC to around 30 cents per click for more effective use of PPC in your marketing campaign.

2. In order to have better results from PPC you must have an extremely targeted keyword list. There is a lot of fancy software out there to aid you with this, but in my opinion using common sense goes a long way.

When you enter the keyword you want to use, you should bracket it so that your ad will only appear for the exact search.Try to think from your customers' point of view. If you were then, how would you search? This can help you decide on the keyword to use.

3. Nobody can achieve instant success to PPC. You need trials and errors and constant monitoring of your ads to manage the performance. Only when you can consistently get your desired results, can you leave it alone.

One word of caution: In order to manage your PPC campaign effectively, you must not only be prepared to put in hard work, you have to put in that bit of common sense and get some help from people around you who knows what they are talking about.
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