Sunday, 8 February 2009

How To Truly Master Auto Financing

By John Brennan

You may have some trouble discovering the right car loan for you, but you will not have trouble finding your dream car. Details vary with each personal bank and dealer finance department if you are looking into financing your new car. However, you must understand the workings of the car loan so that every penny of your money is well spent.

A lot of companies will encourage people to sign a car contract by offering them pretty good auto loan deals. For a car, financing and other installment contracts are actually quite similar. They are amortized throughout a certain already decided duration of time.

Once you submit your application and personal history of your credit, the lender there will underwrite your loan and determine what your interest rate should be based on your credit history. The higher the credit history, the lower the interest rate will be.

Once the interest rate is calculated for the person, it becomes an immediate addition to the new car's payments. Depending on the rate of interest, $383.00 would be added to the original price for the car ($23,000 for example). Then, for five years following the deal, the person must pay $383.00. Some people may not be able to afford the car because of the interest rate.

Of course, if you have liquidated funds to put toward the purchase at the start of the contract you will ultimately pay less in interest charges because you have put some equity into your purchase from the start. Since interest is compounded monthly on the balance of your note, the best of the best in auto loan deals is to put down as much money as you can, or to pay off your note earlier than the specified date. This can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges.

Your expenses for a vehicle don't begin and end with monthly payments and interest charges however. Law requires adequate car insurance, and when purchasing a new vehicle many major insurers like Allstate and Geico will require that you carry both liability and comprehensive coverage on your new car, which can mean added monthly charges as well. Getting a quote from your insurance company before you purchase is highly recommended in order to have an affordable payment in mind.

The bottom line about financing a car purchase is to remember that a care will depreciate in value over time, so the interest you are paying can be similar to throwing money away. Financing less and paying more on your car at any time during your loan is a wise move, and puts money back in your pocket.

It is wise to save money beforehand instead of buying your car right away so that you can find the right auto loan deals for any kind of auto finance. If you do not want to deal with expensive auto loans and interest rates, you should save cash before purchasing the car.

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