Friday, 13 February 2009

Basics In Making Money Online In A Tough World

By Joe Hendrickson

It seems like each day that I pick up a newspaper, my eyes are constantly drawn to another traditional business projecting more layoffs. To be honest, this angers me, while at the same time, it excites me. I get angry because I think about the families of those who are being laid off. How will they survive? But it excites me because I know the answer to the question: online cash revenues.

The world of the web is not the vast empty space that it once was. There are many more people online that have staked a claim. However, we're not overcrowded yet, and there are literally millions of ways to take your piece of the online pie.

Making a living on the internet is very complicated, yet very simple. What I mean by that is that there are a million ways to make money online, and if a beginner tries to master them all in one sitting, he will become immediately discouraged and give up. However, if that same beginning internet marketer is willing to stick to some basics, he can success beyond his wildest dreams.

Here are just a few of the very simple and primary keys to making a living on the net.

1) The primary focus in the beginning has to be on key words. Keywords are the terms that people use to find what they are looking for. In addition, you need to think hard about your key words and see if there is money in them. Someone looking for "car loans" is for sure looking to obtain one. Someone looking for information on "Abe Lincoln Bio" is most certainly just wanting some free information. Do you catch the secret there? You want to target those buying keywords.

2) Next, you need to find out if it is actually possible to get your website to rank for searches with your money keyword. I can tell you from experience that trying to out rank the big boys for "car loans" will be nearly impossible. Too many people have a head start on you and making up ground will be nearly impossible. However, if you can target something more specific, like "car loans in Fishers, Indiana" then you may be in luck. The latter example is called a long tail and that is your money.

3) We are plugging along now and our long tail phrase looks promising. Next we need to let the search engines know who we are and that we are all about that phrase. We will make the title of the site "car loans Fishers, Indiana" and we will also draw inbound links to our site using that phrase as well. The inbound links from other websites will tell the search engines that we are an authority for that phrase and thus they should send searchers our way! We have the answer to what they are looking for, and we are important!

4) We are almost done, now comes the fun part: making money. We need to find an affiliate partner who will pay us to send them leads of people looking to sign up for car loans. You can expect to make anywhere from a couple dollars per lead to a few hundred depending on your niche. Car loans, for example, pay nicely, Just a few conversions per month could make you over $1,000. Great job you!

Now let me caution you folks. This is extremely simplified information in regards to making money on the internet. I would never try to put everything there is to know about online marketing in one article. But this is a good starting point for someone just starting out, trying to make a little extra money online. Who knows, if you keep at it, you may some day make a million!

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