Sunday, 4 January 2009

Two Fast Ways To Eliminate Thigh Fat

By Clayton Thomas

I'm sure you want to lose that uncomfortable, depressing flab on your thigh, right? It is definitely possible, but if you think that you can lose thigh fat fast by using weight loss pills or miracle diet supplements, well you're wrong! And if you've been told that there is some special workout to do in order to specifically target thigh fat, whoever told you that was wrong as well.

As a matter of fact, whether you want to lose thigh fat, belly fat, arm fat, or any other fat, there is no way for you to spot reduce certain areas of your body. You have to lose fat in all areas of your body. You can't pick and choose where you want to burn fat; your body will decide where to start for you!

Therefore, it only makes sense to do things that would help you burn fat from all parts of your body. Basically, you want to follow a healthy diet and do resistance training and cardio workouts! This is the only way to lose thigh fat, as well as all other body fat!

1. The diet: The diet you choose to follow for the purpose of weight loss is very crucial. If you choose low-calorie or low-fat diets, they won't help you burn fat because these diets don't boost your metabolic rate!

Aside from not being very appetite appeasing, these diets actually slow down your metabolism! Here's how: with a low-calorie or low-fat diet, your body does not get enough nutrients. Consequently, it believes that it is going into starvation mode. It immediately stops the fat burning process by slowing down your metabolism, and stores fat deposits so that it can survive during starvation. What you need is a balanced diet with certain portions from each of the food groups.

With low-calorie/low-fat diets, you probably will lose a few pounds, initially, but as soon as you quit and return to your normal eating habits, you will gain back all the weight that you had lost!

So what types of diets are the best? Diet plans that include meals with fresh fruits and vegetables work very well because they encourage a balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables are not only great for burning fat; they are also extremely effective at suppressing those pesky cravings!

But healthy diet plans may not always have all of the best traits that a good diet should have. Good diets should allow you to cheat at least once a week. You can use these cheat days to eat whatever you want. You may be afraid that taking a short break from your diet will cause weight gain, well you'd be wrong. It will actually help you lose fat by increasing your metabolism because it keeps your body from getting stuck in a routine, which can slow your metabolism!

Apart from an improved metabolism, cheat days will also improve your dedication to your diet plan for the rest of the week by extremely reducing cravings for forbidden foods.

2. Exercises: Diet plans play a big role in weight loss, but they are not they only solution. Many people incorporate exercises into their routine, which can dramatically increase weight loss! Strength training and cardio exercises are the best ways speed up weight loss. Strength training has a double advantage, you will not only burn fat fast, but you will tone up your body by increasing lean muscle!

Lean muscle is really important to overall health. It makes your body stronger and also helps you burn fat, even while you're resting. As a matter of fact, you can easily burn around fifty more calories per day for every pound of muscle! This is because muscles need more calories in order to sustain themselves.

Follow these two important tips and you'll be amazed at how fast you get rid of your thigh fat!

About the Author:
Clayton Thomas is a passionate health expert who continues to focus his effort on discovering the best fat loss programs and ideas. Read his review of Fat Loss 4 Idiots along with other useful articles with great tips and techniques. You can get a unique content version of this article from the Uber Article Directory.



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