Friday, 9 January 2009

Traveling With Your Children

By katie George

Traveling with your kids can be a cherished experience or a horrifying nightmare. Children must always be entertained; you cannot expect them to remain quiet at all times without planning and having something resourceful to keep their minds occupied. The minds of children need to be nurtured and molded.

Always remember to bring the bare essentials when traveling. You will encounter a plethora of public restrooms that may not live up to your hygiene requirements while on the road or in the air. There is nothing like the feeling of using a public restroom and thinking of picking up a million germs upon exiting; or even settling down at a restaurant table that does not appear to be as clean as it should.

1. Portable hand sanitizers are a definite godsend! Children sometimes forget to wash their hands, especially if they are really hungry and ready for that quick snack.

Packing sanitizer will eliminate a few of your worries for that eight hour drive or sixteen hour flight.

2. Baby Wipes are another blessing to the family of travelers. Be sure to bring regular and antibacterial baby wipes. Upon entering a restaurant; you may find the table may not be as clean as you would like it to be. Time to break out the hand sanitizer and baby wipes and thoroughly clean; so you can obtain some peace of mind while eating a family meal on the road. Baby wipes are great for cleaning hands, toilet seats, bathroom faucets and hand dryers, any place you know that harbor deadly germs and viruses.

3. If you are flying to your destination; be sure to choose an airline that has a children's menu. Children will love the fact that they are able to eat their favorite foods such as pizza, chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese and Chef Boyardee ravioli or lasagna! They even include stickers and coloring books to keep your child's mind occupied; making their traveling experience even more enjoyable.

4. Bringing your child's favorite toys along is a most valuable asset you can possibly think of when traveling. Be sure to pack items that will hold your child's attention such as portable art supply kits with paper, crayons, colored pencils or magic markers. Experiment with brand new toys in case they happen to become bored with the current toys they have at home. This little trick will surprise and charm them; adding many more hours of capturing and holding their attention.

5. In our wonderful age of technology, we are indeed blessed with mp3 players; Nintendo Gameboys and portable Playstations. It is wise to bring a few of their games and a possibly add a few new ones to occupy them while on the plane or in the car on that long road trip. Mp3 players hold a plethora of different tunes to occupy and break up the monotony of traveling.

6. If you have planned a road trip; it is a wise choice indeed to make a few enjoyable pit stops along the way. This allows the whole family to get out and stretch their legs for a bit; plus enjoying a new and exciting sight or activity. You may know of a nice antique store or even a children's restaurant such as Chuck E Cheese; be sure to thoroughly plan and work it into your schedule; you may find you will spend a few hours in this place.

7. Perhaps you have a long plane trip have a young infant or toddler; definitely bring a car seat; as the airlines do not supply them. You will find your trip overwhelming and tiring if you have to travel for two to sixteen hours holding an infant or toddler with little or no sleep. Also, think of the safety factor involved. Unfortunately current U.S. laws do not require children in airplanes to be placed in car seats. You do not travel in a car while holding your infant or toddler, so why would you do this on a plane?

8. Once you have landed; jetlag will most definitely set in; which is twice as bad for children as it is for adults. Be sure to supply your children with plenty of bottled water and fruit juices. Everyone may possibly be ready for a small meal and a nap. Once everyone has taken their time and rested up; it is now time to venture out and enjoy the sights.

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