Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Millions of people have been using Qigong for weight loss

By Steve Jones

Is your weight affecting your health, maybe it is just a bit harder to climb the stairs or chase after your toddler when they run after the dog. There are usually signs in your every day life that tell you it is time to look at losing some of the extra weight you have been carrying.

Dieting for a month or even two just doesn't work, the only way to lose weight with qigong (or anything else) is to embrace it and make it part of your daily life.

When you start studying qigong you will find that it is not some fad method to lose a few pounds after eating to much at Christmas. If you want to lose weight naturally with qigong it is perfectly possible but like anything you will achieve the best results if you stay with it.

Just because the people around you are obese it doesn't mean you have to accept that as your fate in life, you can take control right now and decide to change your life. Get a Book or DVD on Qigong and start reading or watching it on a regular basis, make sure you follow the instructions and they will help you lose weight naturally with qigong.

Natural weight lose with qigong is a healthy way to achieve your goals. Making qigong part of your life will help you change your mindset from one of "I need to lose weight" to "I am living a more healthy life" and that will help the weight come off, maybe not as quick as it went on but if you stay the course then you will achieve your goals.

Goals are good for people who want to lose weight, that's what everyone says isn't it? Well maybe everyone is wrong. Rather than making huge goals that seem to be so unobtainable that they become demotivators rather than motivators make one specific one. "I will practice my Qigong for 20 minutes 3 times a week for the next month" . Easy to do and when you have been doing that for a month you can then extend the time or frequency of your qigong sessions.

Using Qigong for natural weight loss may not allow you to have the huge initial weight loss that you often see on fad diets, but it will allow you to change your lifestyle and mindset and those two things will make the difference as to whether your weight loss is permanent or you just put it all back on.

Making qigong a part of your weight loss regime is probably one of the best ideas you can make. You are now taking charge of your life and your weight loss will come if you stick with your qigong program.

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