Saturday, 3 January 2009

How You Can Download Free PSP Games For Your PSP

By Dave Freeman

If you're the proud parent of a PSP gaming system, you're hardly alone. This is the most popular portable gaming system and its popularity only continues to grow. Many of you out there are in need of more games; with this in mind, we present this brief guide on how to find free PSP game downloads.

There's a couple of reasons why downloading PSP games has become so popular. As you can probably guess, it's a lot cheaper than buying games at the store. Secondly it's a huge convenience being able to just turn on your computer and download a new game whenever you want to try something new.

Ok - let's cut to the chase! Here are three different ways you can find PSP game downloads.

Option #1 - Free PSP Game Downloads

You can navigate to the search engine site of your choice - Google or whatever you prefer. Do a search for "free PSP game downloads".


As you might have guessed this strategy doesn't work. There are a few websites that advertise that they offer free PSP game downloads, but they end up a pretty big headache.

If you do find a site like this, there's a good chance you will pick up some type of virus or spyware. There isn't anyone that monitors these types of websites so all sorts of infected files get uploaded.

You will also be confronted with extremely slow download speeds if you ever try a website like this. There just isn't any money being invested in the website so everything runs very slowly.

Another headache is that many files that you download don't even work. There's a lot of "corrupt" files that are on these websites.

This option isn't one that we recommend - it's just too risky.

Option Number Two - PSP Game Downloads

The second option is definately better than the first and has grown fairly popular with PSP users.

You can find specialty PSP download websites that charge a monthly fee for unlimited access to PSP downloads. At these sites the download speeds are fast and all the games are guaranteed to work, however you will be asked to pay about $30 a month.

We're going to leave this option at this, because there is an even better way to get those PSP downloads.

Option #3 - How To Find PSP Downloads

This last option is the one that we recommend the most if you like being able to try new games on your PSP.

You can find specialty PSP download websites that only charge a one-time registration fee for unlimited PSP downloads. These are basically the same as the second option, but you don't have to pay each and every month to use them.

Typically these memberships cost about $35 - $45. Once you sign up you get instant access to all the games, movies and other files and you also are supplied with the software that you need to transfer the files onto your PSP (you download this software instantly).

You can use the link at the bottom of this article to find out how to start a free trial at a couple of the top-ranked PSP download websites. It takes about 10 minutes to set everything up.

Keep in mind that these websites are run by businesse that want to make a profit - this ends up being a good thing. This way they make sure that their customers stay happy by offering a huge selection of downloads.

If you have a PSP, you will quickly find that downloading PSP games is the easiest and cheapest way to find new games. It's an option that has already become extremely popular and will only continue to grow as more people find out about it. Happy gaming!>

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Click Here to find out how you can get a free trial at a couple of the top-rated specialty PSP download websites. When you do get to download PSP games you will quickly find yourself with a great way to find the newest and most popular games for your system!


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