Thursday, 15 January 2009

Filipino Maids: Philippines' Pride

Whenever you go to Hong Kong, try to visit Statue Square. The place does not only offer a relaxing scenery, it also serves as a place where hundreds of Filipino maids flock there to meet, to chat, and to share their lives during their day offs.

In England, maids from the Philippines can find jobs in houses of the wealthy. They are hired by royalties, businessmen, and many others belonging to the upper class in society. It is not also difficult for these maids to look for house jobs in Italy and France. In Greece, families who can afford the services of a maid from the Philippines are considered rich.

Their exodus abroad may also be linked to their growing popularity, especially in terms of being hard working, dedicated and loyal. Among their other traits well-liked and desired of by their foreign employers are their being hospitable and honest.

Filipino helpers have other distinct qualities and characteristics that ultimately give them the upper hand over other maids coming from other countries. For one, only a maid from the Philippines can stand getting up in the wee hours of the morning and sleeping very late at night to do household chores. Also, nobody else but a Filipino servant can bear cleaning the toilet bowls or doing other dirty jobs while still keeping a smile on her face.

Only a maid from the Philippines can dedicate long hours of work without the slightest hint of a scowl on her face. She can get up as early as dawn to begin her responsibilities and retire very late at night. She can do all these things every day without objection. They are rather an easy lot to deal with so many foreign employers prefer to hire them to other maids.

Filipinos are by and large known for their grasp of the English language. They are able to understand English far better than their other counterparts. They can also speak English more fluently. Thus, it is understandable why foreign employers would choose them over maids from other nations.

In some countries, to have a Filipino servant is a status symbol. In England, the aristocracy, celebrities, and millionaires hire Filipino helpers to their household. Filipino helpers are also among the higher paid servants since they impress their boss with their quality service. Filipino helpers in Italy are also prized for their good work. They even tell their employers how much salary they want to receive. In Greece, a household is considered middle class if it hires Albanian servants; while a household with a Filipino servant is hailed as rich.

But there is more to the name Filipino than being just called a servant. What makes Filipino maids endear to the heart of the world is not actually the physical looks. More than the hard work and dedication, a Filipino works with a full heart, a simple ingredient that no employer has ever found in other nationalities.


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