Thursday, 8 January 2009

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Promoting a service or a product through a website or blog can increase the sale of it. Your website or blog is an effective marketing media to advertise besides television or newspaper. I say like this because internet nowadays becomes the first step of the most people in the world in looking for a product or service. However, how popular is your website or blog so that internet users can find it?

This is the only problem that can make your sales promotion ineffective. May be yes, or may be not. It will depend on your hard work. You can do something that can make your website or blog popular and your product or service all at once. The more popular your website, the more readers or visitors come. It means that your product or service that your website or blog provides, will have many opportunities to be sold.

Blog advertising is one of many ways you can do to promote your products or service and your website or blog all at once. How does it work?

Simply speaking, blog advertising means that an advertiser uses blogger’s service to promote the website or blog of an advertiser including the product or the service in it. In this case, another website will help to connect the advertisers and bloggers, for example,

In blog advertising, an advertiser will post a request to bloggers in order to write about the product or service that an advertiser’s website provides, including a request to post a link to it. Then, bloggers will find and offer it. If you are a blogger, you will have to write and submit it to After you complete it, you can offer another opportunity.

Now how effective is it and what advantages will the advertiser or the blogger get?

An advertiser will get the fast way in building backlinks as an indicator that his or her website will get higher rank in search engine, and then you will find your website visited by many internet users. While a blogger, will earn more money by posting an advertiser’s request and have a quality contents.


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