Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Top Wii Remote Accessories

By Breakaway

Okay, so you finally managed to find and get a Wii. You've had some fun playing Wii Sports and other games, but you have one question nagging you. What remote accessories should I get for my Wii?

A Wii Wheel is definitely one of the accessories you should get. Sometimes the Wii Remote acting as a steering wheel just doesn't cut it... it does well, just not fantastic. That's why you should get a Wii wheel, in order to bring more authenticity and realism to your Wii driving experiences.

Wii Battery chargers are definitely a must have. You probably already know that since you're using up AA batteries like you own stock in them. The wireless capabilities of the Wii remote are nice, but they do use up the battery juices quickly.

They do sell battery packs that can be recharged though. Buying one of these chargers allows you to charge up those remotes whenever you aren't playing Wii anymore. Don't just go out and buy a charger though, not all of them are too good, so make sure you do your due diligence.

Another fun accessory is the Wii boxing gloves. Everyone loves Wii Boxing in the Wii Sports pack that comes with the Wii. Add some realism to the boxing game by buying some Wii boxing gloves.

Star Wars fans are going to love this. Lightsabres are here for the Wii! Live out the fantasy you've had about using a lightsabre ever since you first saw Star Wars. Now you can use the force, right at home for the Wii! Choose between the most real looking ones, or cheaper looking ones that are still pretty fun.

What is a Wii accessories list without a mention of the awesome Wii Guns! There are tons of Wii shooting games to use the Wii guns for. There are also many different kinds of Wii guns, including crossbows, shot guns, and your regular old wii pistol.

Want to check out more accessories for the Wii Remote? Check out my author bio, and click through the link to my site in order to find some more great accessories. You can also see all of the different kind of accessories I talked about in this article.

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