Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Questions About Tubal Reversal Cost

By Sandra Wilson

A perusal of Yahoo Answers regarding tubal reversal cost recently led to some amazingly wrong answers being given. In this article, I will take a few of those answers and give you the best information I have from some of the best tubal reversal doctors in the business. In the end, you will see that tubal reversal cost may not be as expensive as you were led to believe.

First off, before I begin, you might do better to actually perform a search with a search engine on the topic of tubal reversal cost rather than asking on a site like Yahoo Answers or WikiAnswers. This way you will be getting the straight information from actual sites of tubal reversal doctors and not from someone who may or may not know the actual facts.

While many questions just wanted to know the cost, they seemed not to be aware that the cost will vary with the surgeon. One answer provided to one question pointed this out but said that the price started at $10,000 and ranged up to $20,000 with a less than 50% rate of success after tubal reversal. Yes, some prices are that high or higher but if you search, you will find that several of the top tubal reversal doctors charge a lower amount, such as Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith who have discounted rates less than $6000.

And that success rate in the answer is way off for the general population undergoing this procedure. Depending upon the factors looked at, such as tube length, age and type of ligation, the success rate can be up to 87%.

Some answers to the tubal reversal cost questions provided quite high numbers. There was the one question that got the answer that these reversal operations cost at least $20,000. Here, I can only say, not from the leading tubal reversal doctors. Most often, you will hear about prices like this from doctors who do this procedure a couple times a year rather than from surgeons who do these just about every day, several times a day, like the surgeons at CHTRC.

Sometimes the answers give to the questions of tubal reversal cost were simply that the operation is expensive and that the questioner would do better with IVF. The answer proceeded to say that since reversals don't always have a positive outcome, you might have to "use IVF anyway."

To this I state that on average, IVF costs $10,000 to $12,000 per cycle with an average of three cycles being required. On average, tubal ligation reversal costs $8,000 to $9,000 with only one surgery and you get to try and try over and over each month to have a baby. That can be fun. Again, there are tubal reversal doctors who specialize in doing only this surgery and nothing else (meaning they have lots and lots of experience) who charge a lower cost than the average.

In one answer given a couple years ago, the old "you get what you pay for" was trotted out comparing the surgery to shoes and stating you have to pay more for quality. The answer also said to just call the local OBs to find out what they charge. First off, if you have done any looking around the Internet, you will know that the world's best tubal reversal doctors, like the ones at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, charge prices that are lower than the average tubal reversal cost. They have a better background, training and experience than you will find in the vast majority of your local OBs concerning this procedure. This is not a case of you pay more and get more experience. So please keep that in mind and do your research.

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They have a better backdrop, exercising and encounter than you will discover in many your regional OBs concerning this process.
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