Thursday, 25 December 2008

Missing Link Plus Cat Nutrition Joint Health Remedy.

By Chris Totallin

Rich with nutrients, The Missing Link Plus is full of the goodness of wholefoods to properly nourish your dog.

Thousands of years ago your dog was very different. In fact, life was very different, without all the gadgets and conveniences we now take for granted.

Your dog would have been a machine of survival, and he would have been much more aggressive, but that's not the only difference.

One thing is for sure, his food would have been quite unlike what he eats today. He would have had to hunt for his meat, and may have subsisted on natural foods he found in the wild.

All of it raw, pure and natural. Not exactly like most dog foods today!

Heavily processed foods are not good for humans, and in fact they are not good for dogs either, often lacking important nutrients.

One way to bring back into his diet the goodness of those raw natural foods is to incorporate Missing Link Vegetarian.

With the disease busting goodness of antioxidants, essential fatty oils, phytonutrients and probiotics, the Missing Link is like a powerful nutrient shot into your dog's health.

With ricebran, kelp, molasses and that wonder food - sprouted green barley - as well as yeast and flaxseed, your dog will enjoy a new level of health and vitality, in one easy supplement.

There are two varieties of The Missing Link for Dogs - the Canine Formula and the super nutritious Canine Plus formula.

What's the difference, you may ask? Well, The Missing Link contains a vegetarian glucosamine to aid joint repair.

Your pet's immune system will also benefit from all the nutritious and free radical busting antioxidants.

One reason to choose the Plus formula is if your pet is sadly suffering from joint issues, arthritis and the effects of old age.

You can expect your dog to enjoy better health, be more vigorous, look healthier with a great coat and shiny eyes, and be a superdog in terms of energy levels and post operative recovery.

Another added benefit is that your dog may smell nicer too!

Six teaspoonfuls are the max dose per day for animals over 100lbs, the rule is one teaspoonful for every 20lbs.

Continuous use will produce the greatest benefits of treatment.

Choose The Missing Link Plus to give your dog all the benefits of the past with the advantages of the present, for a healthy future.

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