Friday, 26 December 2008

Guide to Internet Backups; Internet Backup Software

By Online Backup Software; Online Backups

Why Use a Remote Backup Solution?

Automatic, Off site, Scalable, Recoverable, Economical

Usual measures of data backup consist of tapes, CDs and DVDs, ZIP drives and floppies. All of these techniques have noteworthy issues. Backups are normally not automatic and even more importantly, someone has to physically move the media, for the data backup, off campus where it must be stored in a safe place. Fortunately, Internet technology has now allowed an exceptionally superior measure of backing up: online backup. Online Backup (sometimes also referred to as remote backup has important advantages over other computer data backup techniques.

Digital possessions such as financial records, photos, documents and email is not only vital, but irreplaceable. Why chance losing precious data to hard drive failures or virus attacks? Secure your computers with an inexpensive and consistent solution and know that your information is safe!

Things to look for in an Online Backup Service:

Encryption and Compression - Make sure your information is protected even when it's "backed up."

FREE Unlimited Support - Why pay for support when you shouldn't have to?

Simple to Use - Automatic; Set it and Forget it! - Find a service that runs automatically with little to no management.

Reasonably priced - Remember the old cliche "You get what you pay for." approximately $6 to $10 a month should find you a solid online backup service.

Continuous Data Backup - Continual backup of all your information throughout the day.

Just consider how much work and effort is saved on your computer. A hard drive failure or virus infection could erase years of information and irreplaceable digital items! Online Backup is a easy to use answer for just pennies a day.

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