Friday, 19 December 2008

Eating the Right Foods

By Cassandra Segoviano

The lack of nutritional foods is most peoples' main cause for gaining weight.

Extra weight gain occurs because of the need of some people to eat large amounts of foods

The type of foods we eat and their nutritional value are very important. Consuming low nutritional value foods will not satisfy your hunger nor will those foods supply the energy you need.

Human nature dictates that we will eat until our hunger has been satisfied and since we have been left feeling hungry, we will eat more food.

If you were to eat the right foods your nutritional needs would be met and you wouldn't feel hungry. If you didn't feel hungry you wouldn't continue to eat and that in turn would ensure that you didn't gain excess weight.

You can understand now why fast foods are responsible for the high incidence of weight problems due to the simple fact that they aren't delivering the essential nutrients that the body needs.

If we stop eating foods that are low in nutritional value and replace them with foods that are more appropriate for healthy living, it would be much easier to maintain a good bodyweight without having to be hungry.

The problem with most diets is the fact that they are just too hard to maintain for any amount of time and this shouldn't be the situation as hunger is not supposed to be a part of a balanced lifestyle.

Good food in good quantities will help you to maintain a healthy bodyweight and you will feel satisfied after your meals.

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