Monday, 29 December 2008

Advertising with Free Classified Ads

By Alex Wu

When you want to advertise you want to go the cheapest route. In the local paper there are some things that can be put in for free like lost animal listings. Most everything else you have to pay for. Online however there is a wealth of websites that you can advertise your business or services for free.

You can place many types of ads on the Internet free classified ads sites. They are open to all, and they usually have great results. This is often a better way to sell items for people who want to avoid fees as you would get from the local classifieds or on e-bay.

The best way to find a good classified service to advertise your product or service on is to run an internet search with a few keywords like classifieds, or local classifieds, to find out which ones come up first in an Internet search. This helps you to decide which one would give you more exposure for your advertising.

You can use the power of the whole internet to sell your products or service. Look at where the most popular free classified ads sites are on the Internet, do a search and find out which ones are easiest to find in a Search Engine search, that is where you want to post.

This website will be hit the most as it comes up the highest in the search engine. That means a better chance that your ad will get seen by more people. Classified advertising is also targeted. People only look at the sections if they are interested in the products in that section.

Be precise in the method of payment that you require, and never send your item without payment first. PayPal and Money Orders are two methods that are good. If you accept checks make it clear that no item will be sent until the check clears. You have to protect yourself. There are people who are out to scam others just like anywhere else.

The ads can run anywhere from 7 to 30 days depending on the website, so it is worth checking into it. If they have any stats as far as how fast people are able to sell on their read them, if here are testimonials read them as well.

When you decide on the website that you will place your classified ad on, look into the terms of service and use. Make sure you know of any costs that they charge, and for what they are charged. Know what restrictions they have as far as what you can advertise on the website. The ads usually run between seven and thirty days, know what yours will run for. Do your due diligence so you can profit from using free classified ads.

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