Saturday, 29 November 2008

Preparation before Marriage

clip_image002One of the most precious moments in our life is the wedding day, because marriage is the gateway to the new life that brings together two heads, two family and two souls that become one. There are several factors that need your attention before you step to pursue marriage.

The wedding party in hall or home ? Indeed, party in the hall will save energy because you will not bother decor and cleaning after the event finished. But the cost of which you spend more than if you held the wedding at home. So do not let your wedding budget out for the budget just for renting the building because there are still many other important expenditures that you need to think about.

The number of invitation you will invite.
The cost of weddings also depends on the number of guests invited. Not only the cost of printing the invitation must to calculated, the number of invited guests who will also affect the capacity building that must be rented, the amount of food ordered, and so forth.

Utilize your family for your wedding organizer.
But if you want to more easy so you can take advantage services wedding organizer. They usually will help you to prepare for the wedding in the hall or at home. In terms of the cost will be more expensive, but not if you're a recruit family members to help the preparation. If you are smart in negotiating with Wedding organizer it will be more frugal with energy costs that you can press.


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