Thursday, 27 November 2008

Meditation, Step to Eliminate Stress

clip_image002Do meditation for 20 minutes a day can help increase energy, reduce anxiety and stress caused by the stress hormone causes.

This is stated in a research by Health Day organization, Methods union between body and mind is derived from traditional Chinese medical treatment, even on a recent survey reported in the western world that this method more attention than other methods in removing stress.

The essence of meditation is the conscious mind and then enter another dimension, which is in the natural unconscious (subconscious mind) and the Supra awareness (supra conscious awareness). Meditation means silence (Silence) - silent (stillness) - loneliness (solitude). Silence means the stoppage of physical activity or at least the pace slow physiological activity, while spending their own means to do so without help, guidance, or the presence of other people.

"A method developed in China has showed results more useful to someone performance who would combine meditation in action " said Michael Posner, psychology professor at the University of Oregon, the United States.

In a study showed that people who do meditation for 20 minutes per day for five days in the week showed that the development of better manage the conflict, depression and exasperation. And vice versa, that they do not do meditation visible fatigue, increase stress hormones cortisol and weaken the body defense system.


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