Sunday, 16 November 2008

History of ice cream


Ice cream
Making ice cream first occurred around the year 1550. This coincides with the ice cream machine manufacturer by the nation of Italy, since that time, ice cream start eaten of many people. After that, there are many ice cream recipes are outstanding. The first is owned by Nicholas Lemery (France) in 1674, in that recipe there are many recipes making ice cream party kind of flavor, for example, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc, meanwhile, sherbet recipe first made by Antonio Latini (Italy) in 1694.

Ice cream cone

The ice cream cone on the more popular with a "cone ice cream", initially ice cream cone made of paper or metal. This idea came from a seller of ice cream in France, Germany and Great Britain in 1800s. they run out bowls and plates that used to sell the ice cream. Then ice cream cone that can be eaten in 1888. That in a recipe book works Agnes Marshall (England), entitled America. AB Marshall's Cookery Book He is also the first to make the copyright of the cone recipe. While the inventor roller engine ice cream cone is Frederick Bruckman (U.S.) in 1912.
Ice from snow
In fact, people have been eating ice since the days of ancient civilization surprisingly, that is, around 4000 years ago. However, only the king or rich people can afford to eat. Because the seller of ice cream not much like now, The Ice that they eat are not the real ice cream. Rather snow. Snow that taken from the top of the mountain there at the time. People who eat the first snow was the Emperor of China. He mixes it with milk and rice. Meanwhile, King Alexander the Great (336-323 years in power before BC) is the first person to eat sherbet, this Macedonian king include essence on the sherbet.


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