Friday, 21 November 2008

6 Tips to get a spouse

dating For someone who introvert (shy), have a relationship with someone is very difficult to do. And if you were never dating, may start a date will be a hard thing, if you still doubt you can try to do the following seven tips:

1.Be Friendship
Rise the scope of your life, especially if you are not a figure that includes person that easy going. A smile and say 'hallo' can become an opening conversation and bumbling to increase the sense of knowing more.

2. Do not hurry
You may often notice new people in office and you want know more about him or her in fast, Remember not too hurry, be reasonable, smile and say hello at the right time before you introduce them. If you get a good response, not too vibrant take a date. Try to take it to join with colleagues after work, this will give you the opportunity to socialize and circumstances before the close to the level that is more intimate.

3. Socializing
Take advantage of the social atmosphere around you, for example, when you attend a party and see someone you like the party attended it. Be friendly and introduce yourself to try initiated the conversation, such as, "How do you know the host?" However, if the conversation stopped, try starting greet the invitation and ask permission, and it promised to find again if you wish.

4. Mix with the other
Do not just embrace yourself at home, try to join the art class or photography, a volunteer in a social foundation, or join the activities of the field. You will not only increase knowledge but also have many opportunities to meet new people.

5. Specify the First Step
No matter you are male or female, sometimes you have dare to come out of the cage and face the outside world. For example, how my best friend meet with her husband only because she knock the door of the friend room only to borrow a pen.
6. Remove Shy Feeling
If you live outside the city or you're a prude, why do not you try to find a partner with online media? Online dating gives us facilities to determine the appropriate options with you, even you will get comfort with the long distance communication.


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